Oh Bummer You Need a Plumber!

Plumbing Emergency Tips to Know

Are you dealing with a plumbing emergency? Frozen and burst pipes cause plenty of problems for your water system, and clogs can create hassles with drains. Whatever crisis you're dealing with, you need to know what to do to resolve the situation.
Calling a professional plumber is the best course of action you can take, but you'll need to keep...

The Truth About Tankless Water Heaters

The chances are that your home has a traditional geyser-style water heater. This model stores hot water in a tank, keeping it warm around the clock and ready for use when you need it. However, geyser systems are expensive to run because they must hold water in the tank and heat it 24-hours a day.
A tankless water heater is an entirely d...

Why You Should Clean Your Toilet Tank

Sure, we all like to keep our bathroom smelling fresh and clean. The chances are you clean your toilet bowl religiously. A dirty toilet bowl leads to the spreads of disease, and it smells terrible as well. However, when was the last time you cleaned the water tank of your toilet? The cistern also requires cleaning from time to time.