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Why You Should Clean Your Toilet Tank

Sure, we all like to keep our bathroom smelling fresh and clean. The chances are you clean your toilet bowl religiously. A dirty toilet bowl leads to the spreads of disease, and it smells terrible as well. However, when was the last time you cleaned the water tank of your toilet? The cistern also requires cleaning from time to time.
If you fail to clean the tank, then it provides the perfect environment for the growth of mold. Here are our top reasons for cleaning your toilet tank.

Your Health

Black mold growing in your toilet tank can lead to the development of health issues such as respiratory problems. The cold, dark, damp conditions inside your tank provide fungi with the ideal breeding ground to grow and spread spores throughout your home.
If you have a guest toilet that you rarely use, then the still water is providing the optimal conditions for the spread of mold.
If you notice a musty smell in the bathroom, that's a clear sign that mold is starting the spread; the musty smell is a sign of spores in the air, and breathing these pathogens can cause throat and lung infections.

How Do You Clean Your Toilet Tank?

So, now that you know why you need to clean your toilet tank lets discuss how to clean it efficiently. Start the process by turning off the water to the tank at the valve on the wall. You'll find this valve behind the base of the toilet somewhere.
After turning off the water, flush the tank to empty it, and you're ready to start cleaning. We recommend you use a mix of ¼-cup of white spirit vinegar, along with 1-cup of water, and a teaspoon of baking soda.
Scrub the inside of the tank using a scourer sponge, and make sure you remove any signs of stains or mold. After scrubbing, turn on the water, and allow the tank to fill. Drain the cistern and wash away all the cleaning materials.
If there are still traces of cleaning material on the inside, that's okay. A few more flushes, and it should go away.
Avoid using tank tablets – These tablets offer you a convenient way to keep your tank clean. However, many tablet products also contain bleach in the formulation. Bleach will start to perish the seals in your toilet tank, causing leaks.

Clean Your Toilet Tank Every Quarter

A regular maintenance schedule for your toilet tank is essential if you want to avoid the health issues that arise with a dirty tank. Make a maintenance schedule for a cleaning at least once every 6-months, or every quarter for best results.
Regularly cleaning your tank ensures that there is no chance mold and bacteria have a chance to grow in the dark, damp conditions.

Don't Forget the PPE

When you're cleaning your toilet tank, make sure you wear protective gloves. The gloves protect your hands from the moving parts in the toilet, preventing accidents like scrapes and scratches. The gloves also help to keep your skin away from any chemicals you're using to clean the tank.

Call the Professionals for Help

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