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Plumbing Emergency Tips to Know

Are you dealing with a plumbing emergency? Frozen and burst pipes cause plenty of problems for your water system, and clogs can create hassles with drains. Whatever crisis you're dealing with, you need to know what to do to resolve the situation.
Calling a professional plumber is the best course of action you can take, but you'll need to keep things under control until the emergency plumbers arrive.
In this article, we'll give you some tips to help you manage your emergency plumbing situation.

Dripping Faucets

A leaky faucet is frustrating to deal with, but its not an emergency. However, if you don't fix the tap, then chances are that the leak will keep getting worse.
If you delay the repair of the faucet, you can expect the leak to progress in intensity until it does start causing your issues. A leaking faucet also costs you money, and you can expect your monthly bill to escalate if you don't sort out the problem.
If the drip is bad and you want to replace the tap or value, you'll need to turn off the water. However, make sure you never use a wrench on the shut-off valve. Using a wrench can turn a drip into a proper leak, resulting in the need to replace the entire shut-off valve assembly.

Frozen Pipes

For the Northern states of the US, the wintertime brings challenges for homeowners. Frozen pipes are one of the most frequently occurring plumbing issues that pop up when the weather gets cold. Unfortunately, water expands as it freezes. Therefore, as the ice swells, it splits the pipe, resulting in a burst that requires replacement.
Inspect the pipe for signs of cracks or splits and look at the fittings to ensure they are not compromised. If you got lucky and the pipe is still undamaged, you can try thawing the ice using a hairdryer. Use low heat and move the dryer along the length of the pipe. This strategy helps with the even melting of the ice in the pipe.

Pipe Leaks

When a pipe starts leaking, you need to repair it immediately before the water begins to damage your furniture and floors. As soon as you notice the leak, turn off the water valve to the pipe. If it's on a kitchen pipe, then turn off the water feeding to the tap. However, if it's an external pipe, you might need to switch off the mains.
After turning off the water, open all the drains and faucets in the affected part of your water system. Temporary fixes like pipe sleeves or clamps may help to provide a temporary fix while you wait for the plumber to arrive.

Clogs and Plugs

The drains around your home require some minor maintenance throughout the year to keep them operational. However, there is still a chance that your drains can clog due to misuse. Pouring cooking oil or fat down the drain in your kitchen may result in a clog. Hair builds up in your shower drain might also cause a plug.
Both issues are easy to deal with if you have the right equipment. If you can't free the clog with a plunger, you'll need to call the professionals. Avoid using DIY drain cleaners, as these products might damage your pipework.
Call a plumber, and they'll bring the correct tools to your home to remove the clog.  
Drains get a lot of use every day and face many daunting tasks.

Clogs and Leaks in Your Toilet

Plumbing problems with toilets are a common occurrence in homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Several things can go wrong with your toilets, such as leaks and clogs. If you block up the toilet and flush it, it causes the water to come back up and overflow out of the toilet bowl.
If this situation occurs, turn off the shut-off valve, and call an emergency plumber. Your plumber will remove the blockage and get your toilet back into working order.

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