Oh Bummer You Need a Plumber!

How many times have you ever thought about the toilet paper you flush away? In 2020, people are thinking about toilet paper more than ever before, but not for the right reasons. In some cases, stores ran out of toilet paper, and consumers experienced minor shortages of it in the stores for a few weeks or months.

This shortage led to some compelling alternative solutions for toilet paper turning up online. However, if your home relies on a septic tank for handling your waste, you can’t throw any old type of paper down the toilet.

Septic tanks won’t break down the harder fibers in other papers, causing clogs and blockages in the system. Even conventional sewer systems can’t handle much more than toilet paper without developing clogs somewhere in the system.

The last thing you need is a backed-up toilet. Can you imagine the horror of it overflowing onto the floor? You need to stick to the safe types of paper for flushing down your toilet. We recommend you only use the following types of toilet tissue.

Single-Ply Toilet Paper – Single or double-ply toilet paper breaks down fine in both sewage and septic systems. We recommend avoiding triple-ply toilet tissue in septic systems. The thinner the toilet paper, the better it is for your septic system.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper – All toilet paper is biodegradable. However, some brands contain ingredients in the paper formula that help the tissue break down faster. This tissue doesn’t cause blockages in sewer or septic systems, and it’s a great all-round choice that’s environmentally friendly.

Recycled Toilet Paper – Recycled toilet paper is suitable for flushing don your toilet. This tissue paper lacks the formaldehyde and chlorine found in other toilet tissue brands, making it hasher to use, but easier to break down.

What Do You Avoid Flushing Down a Septic System?

There are some things you should never flush down the toilet. Regardless of whether you have a sewage or septic system, avoid flushing, “flushable wipes down the toilet. These wipes are not flushable, especially in septic tank systems.

Flushable wipes cause blockages in conventional sewage systems as well. Avoid flushing napkins and paper towels down the toilet, and wet wipes are a big no-no for flushing. If you run out of toilet paper, consider investing in a bidet.

This device attaches to the toilet bowl and squirts fresh water to clean you after using the toilet.

Diapers and Feminine Hygiene Products –Make sure you never flush tampons, pads, or other feminine hygiene products down the toilet. These products are highly moisture absorbent. As a result, they’re harder to break down in the waster water and sewage system, causing blockages.

What to Do If You Get Problems with Your Septic or Sewage system At Home?

If people visit your home and flush things down the toilet that they shouldn’t, you’ll have to call the plumbers. Removing blockages from a septic system can be frustrating and requires hours of work for something simple to avoid.

Avoid a hefty plumbing bill, and don’t flush anything but toilet paper into your system.

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