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Planning your bathroom remodel is plenty of fun. There are so many things to consider when putting together a list of all the new fixtures you want in your bathroom. One of the best changes you can make is with your showerhead.

If you have a plain-Jane old showerhead that looks like a faucet coming out of the wall, it's time for an upgrade. There are so many awesome options for upgrading your showerhead – from rain shower to massage-style, multi-function models.

Searching around online for the best showerhead to suit your new bathroom can leave you wandering down a rabbit-hole at all the variety on offer. We decided to put together this brief guide to choosing a showerhead for your bathroom remodel.

The Types of Showerheads

When selecting the ideal shower head for your bathroom remodel, you'll be working with the national pipe thread (NPT) size standardized for use in the United States.

Therefore, the fitting that's connecting to the showerhead will always have the same size, which is ½- inch NPT. As a result, almost any model showerhead you choose will work in your bathroom – so sizing is your last concern when choosing the right showerhead.

There are several types of showerheads available for your remodel.

Single-Head Wall-Mounted – This simple, bowl-shaped showerhead is the most common type attaching directly to the elbow. It's flexible and simplistic – but rather boring, and it offers no luxury.

Handheld Showerheads – Most of these shower-handles install into bathtubs for a handheld shower experience. The showerhead attaches to a mounting on the wall to provide a hands-free shower.

Rain Showerheads – The showerheads come with an elbow extension, providing an overhead shower experience that's luxurious and enjoyable. Rain showers are more expensive than most others due to the extra extensions required and larger shower area.

Massage Shower – These showers have multiple shower heads pointing in different directions. You also get options for pulsation and massage jets that enhance your shower experience.

Optimal Showerhead Pressures

The correct operating pressure for your showerhead varies, depending on the model you buy. Some models require different operating-psi than others to achieve affective flowrate's. If your bathroom is one the second floor of your home, you might not have enough psi available to operate some showerheads.

If that's the case, you'll need advice from a professional plumber on the available options to increase the pressure on the second floor. Most modern showerheads, especially rain and massage heads, require between 40 and 60-psi for effective operation.

Choosing the Right Showerhead Type

When selecting your new showerhead for your remodel, you have the following functionalities available in showerhead systems.

Spraying Showerheads

These showerheads offer spraying functions at different intensities and patterns. The showerhead's rim is usually the adjustment bezel for the showerhead, allowing you to customize the flow. These types of showerheads are suitable for bathtubs, adding to the functionality of the tub.

Width – When selecting your shower pattern, the showerhead will offer a narrow to wide shower pattern, turn the rim of the showerhead to adjust it to your preferences.

Target – The target nozzles on your showerhead will shoot harder water jets out at the sides if the showerhead.

Rinsing – The rinsing nozzles on the showerhead push water out of the showerhead's center for rinsing hair.

Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads are the better choice if you're looking for a shower that offers the best coverage. The rain showerhead feels like its coming from directly above you, changing the shower experience.

You don't get the same amount of flexibility with the showerhead as you do with the spray showerhead. However, a rain showerhead does provide a refreshing and powerful shower experience, and it's one of the most popular shower styles.

Rainwater showerheads are efficient, and they use less water than a bath, while still giving you a refreshing shower experience.

Massage Showerheads

These showerheads offer a range of functions. Many of them come in configurations with up to 12- shower spouts positioned strategically in your shower for an all-body blast. These showers are expensive, but you get plenty of massage options, with a digital or manual interface, depending on the brand.

Get the Professionals to Install Your Showerhead

After choosing your ideal showerhead, arrange for the plumbers to install it for you. A professional plumber will figure out if you have the right operating pressure to suit the showerhead.

They'll make recommendations on the necessary upgrades you need to make to your system when installing a massager or rain shower system to your new bathroom.

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