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Completing a bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to elevate the value of your home. A remodel of the bathroom is a great way to give your house a facelift, increasing your quality of life and living standards.

Starting the remodeling process is exciting and challenging, and it takes some time. However, the results are worth the costs and hassle. After a few weeks or months of construction, your new bathroom will add dollars to your valuation and your lifestyle satisfaction.

When planning you're remodeling, we recommend you follow these 9-easy steps with your process.

#1 Set A timeframe for Completion

When do you want your new bathroom ready to go? We can't understate the importance of setting a deadline for the project. Without a deadline, you're never going to finish, or it's going to take you a lot longer than you originally planned.

Look for six to eight weeks as a guideline for your remodel. Plan it out in stages and allocate each phase a timeline for completion. By creating your remodel strategy, and adding deadlines to all your development goals, you'll finish your remodel faster.

#2 Plan Your Remodel

What do you want out of your remodel?
  •  New tiles?
  •  Light fixtures?
  •  Wall fixtures?
  •  Moving walls and cabinets?
  •  Are you thinking about adding another vanity sink?
  •  What about another shower?
Make sure you write out your list of remodeling options and add them to your timeline for completion.

#3 Get Some Inspiration Online

We recommend scrolling your way through Pinterest for ideas on your bathroom remodel. There are dozens of boards on the social platform with plenty of remodeling ideas for your new bathroom.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself after browsing the boards include the following.
  • Do I want a drop-in bathtub?
  • Do I like subway tiling?
  • What about the color of the grout?
  • Different colors for walls and flooring?
  • Do you want vanity lighting?
Take some time to browse around and bookmark ideas you think might work for your remodel.

#4 Create a Budget for Your Remodel

Set a budget for your remodel. However, it's bound to go over by a bit, so make sure you give yourself some room for additional costs you didn't expect.

#5 Look Around for Specials on Tiles and Bathroom Fixtures

When planning the remodel, check online for specials on bathroom fixtures and tiles. Look through your local supplier catalogs to check for deals.

In this economy, you're sure to find some fantastic deals that save you plenty of money. Ask yourself about what fixtures and features you want in your new bathroom. Check what's available locally before resorting to shopping online.

#6 Do You Need Custom Bathroom Items?

Before you start your remodel, make sure you order all your items. Custom bathtubs and some fixtures might take longer to arrive than others that are readily available on the shelf.

Make sure you understand the lead times on all your special-order items and account for that in your remodeling plan. Things like custom shower doors and showerheads may take up to 6-weeks to arrive. There's no need to delay the remodel, but make sure you take the lead times into account in planning your timeframe.

#7 Ask Yourself a Few Questions

When planning your new bathroom, ask yourself the following key questions.

  • Where do I want my outlets and switches?
  • Where do I need the lights?
  • How high up do I want the lights?
  • How many mirrors do I want, and where will I place them?
  • Where will I hang the towel bars?
  • Do I want a built-in shower, a tub, or a jacuzzi – or everything?
Taking the time to map out your new bathroom mentally helps you explain what you want to your remodeling contractor.

#8 Picking Out the Perfect Fixtures and Tiles

Picking out your perfect tiles online can be deceiving. The tiles look different in real lighting than they do online. Therefore, we recommend you visit a local tiling shop or home depot to get your new tiles.

However, after settling on the right tiles, write down the model number. Then you can go home and use that model number to buy the tiles online, saving you a bundle.

#9 Work with the Best

Work with professional contractors – That's the final recommendation we have in planning your new bathroom remodel. Professional contractors will fast-track the remodeling process, and they won't make any mistakes – if they do, it's covered by a warranty on workmanship.

Why go to the hassle of doing everything yourself? With a professional remodeling service, you get a new bathroom, precisely how you plan and visualize it to be.

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