Oh Bummer You Need a Plumber!

There could be several reasons why you want to remodel your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the key rooms in the home. All your guests that come over will eventually use the bathroom. You need a
clean and aesthetic finish to make your guests, and you feel comfortable when using the water closet of the bathroom.

However, the thought of renovating can be overwhelming – there's so much to do in a remodel that it can leave your head spinning at the thought. A remodel will end up taking plenty of time and money. However, if you get it right, the remodel can add significant value to your home.

So, how do you know it's time to remodel your bathroom? Here are our top six suggestions.

#1 Leaks and Breaks

If things are looking disheveled in your bathroom with leaky faucets and cracked tiles, it's time to start thinking about a remodel.

Sure, a fair amount of wear and tear is reasonable, but when there's mold growing on the ceiling and toilets always running, it's time to start thinking about changing things.

By remodeling, you can take care of all the smaller leaks and breakages in the bathroom. This approach gives you a fresh start, with a bathroom that you can be proud to show your guests when they visit.

#2 Outdated Decor and Colors

Maybe you're a new homeowner, and you can't stand the old owners' taste in bathroom decor. That's a good enough reason for a remodel – and you might be able to include the costs in the mortgage on your new home.

Maybe you're over the previous remodel you did a few years ago and want to change things up in the bathroom. If you despise the fixtures and towel holders in your bathroom and can't stand that canary- yellow paint-job, now is as good a time as any remodel.

#3 Insufficient Lighting

Maybe your bathroom has terrible lighting. Putting in a skylight brightens the room without the need for a light. If you're getting ready for work in the morning, bringing more light into the room is necessary for your beauty routine.

We prefer bringing in more natural light to the bathroom. However, changing the lights to a down- lighting system isn't bad for soft low-light baths later at night.

#4 Changes to the Home Environment

Maybe your kids left the nest, and it's time to get rid of that old bathroom now that you have more disposable income available. Perhaps you have a parent moving in with you, and you need to remodel to a senior-friendly design that prevents slip-and-falls around the bathroom.

Make your new bathroom functional. Add in the remodel design you need to accommodate your unique living situation.

#5 Lack of Storage Space

There's nothing more frustrating than having to pack your toiletries around the sink because you're running out of cupboard space. Get more storage space into your bathroom by adding some cabinets during your remodel.

If you have space, consider investing in head-high hanging cabinets for toiletries and medications. Maybe install a towel cupboard next to the shower or jacuzzi. Look for reasonable storage ideas that free up your floor space and give you plenty of room for toiletries, medications, and bath wear.

#6 Time to Sell

Trying to sell your home is the biggest reason for remodeling your bathroom. If you're trying to sell your home, the bathroom is a focal point. Everyone's going to be checking the shower and tap pressure, flushing your toilet, and looking at the tile work.

If you invest the money into a remodel of your bathroom, you can expect to increase the asking price for your home significantly. A remodel of the bathroom can make the difference between closing the sale or leaving your house on the market for months.

Our Top Tip – Work with Professionals for Your Remodel

If you're thinking about a remodel, you have two options; do it yourself, or hire a professional. Sure, you could save some money doing it yourself. However, are you a qualified plumber or contractor? We didn't think so. You need a professional to help you with the task.

Work with a professional that understands what you want out of your bathroom remodel. A real professional remolding service will make recommendations on all your plumbing and fixtures, ensuring you get the best prices for the job.

Most remodeling companies and plumbers have direct relationships with suppliers, saving you money on the parts for your remodel, and time and hassle on putting everything together.

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