Oh Bummer You Need a Plumber!

When was the last time you had the pipes around your home inspected? If you're living in a house that's more than a few decades old, you can expect to start dealing with plumbing problems. With some new construction, the build-quality can be poor with the developers, leading to plumbing problems for new homeowners.

When the pipework starts to crack around your home, sewer linings offer a pragmatic and affordable solution to fixing your plumbing problems. By adding a new sewer lining to the pipe, there's no need to dig up your yard to get to the burst pipe.

You don't have to replace the entire pipe, and the whole fix only takes a few hours of work with a competent, knowledgeable plumber that has the right experience.

Why would My Pipes and Sewer Lines Start Leaking?

There are a few reasons why this happens. First, there are quality issues we mentioned earlier. However, in most cases, the cracks in sewer lines typically occur due to roots penetrating the pipework.

If you have large trees in your yard around the area where your sewer lines run, a root will eventually go through the pipework. If you must dig up the sewer line and run through your driveway or landscaping, it's going to cause some drama and inconvenience for you, as well as a considerable expense.

In most cases of damage to your sewer lines, it's easy to organize the pipes' relining instead of replacing the entire sewer line pipe. There are four types of sewer pipe relining services available. Let's unpack each of them for a better understanding of the repair job your need for your pipework.

#1 Large Cracks and Gaps – Pull-In Place

The pull-in-place method is the most common option for sewer line repair. It's a good choice for relining larkers cracks and gaps in the pipe. The plumber fixes the new sleeve into the pipework using steam heat. The epoxy liner pulls into place in the specific region of the pipework that requires the repair.

To ensure that the plumber can position the sleeve in the correct place, they require an entry and exit point in the pipe to complete the repair.

You need one entry point for feeding the liner, and another for pulling it through the pipework.

The plumber will temporarily pressurize the pipework to cause the new sleeve to push against the old walls of the pipe, forming a permanent bond as the resin dries. After the liner cures, it's as strong as a new pipe.

#2 Trenchless Re-lining – Cure-In Place

If you're looking to repair trenchless relining systems, then the cure-in-place method is the best option to repair your pipes. Professional plumbing service will remotely line any section of pipework that has a crack, without the need to dig a trench in your yard.

The plumber installs the interior pipe and waits for it to dry. They clean it and apply the liner, curing it in place with hot steam.

#3 Severe Damage – Pipe Burst

Sometimes, you have no option but to replace a section of pipe that has severe damage from root invasion or other structural problems.

Installers must access the pipe to begin the repair process. The repair includes the digging of two four- foot square access areas at either end of the pipework. The plumbers start the process by placing the "bursting head" at the rear access point on the pipework.

The plumbers then drag the head through the pipework using hydraulics. As the head drags through the pipe, it breaks apart the old pipework, drawing a seamless new pipe behind it for immediate replacement.

#4 Leaky Pipes – Internal Coatings

Professional plumbing installers will use internal pipe coatings for repairing existing sewer pipes that they think are leaking into the surrounding soil in your yard. The plumbers start the process by turning off the water and draining the pipes completely.

Next, they spray the inside of the pipes with a thick epoxy coating, sealing all the cracks and leaks in the pipe. You get a seamless finish on the interior of the pipe that will last another 100-years.

Get Professionals to Repair Cracked Pipes

If you're dealing with problems in your sewer line and notice the signs of cracked pipes, call a professional.

A plumber will have the knowledge and expertise to help you with the repair job. Attempting to repair the pipework yourself isn't an option. Look for a trusted plumber in your area with a solid reputation for service.

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