Oh Bummer You Need a Plumber!

You walk into the kitchen at two in the morning, almost slipping on the water puddle coming from your fridge. That could have been a nasty accident. The refrigerator is one of the most common sources of leaks in the kitchen, and they're an annoyance.

How many times have you had a fridge leak and thrown a dishtowel on the floor to stop the water from spreading? What if we told you it could be a simple fix? Many people assume they need to call the fridge technician to fix the appliance, but sometimes all it needs is an easy fix.

Here are the top three reasons why your fridge is leaking.

#1 Problems with the Water Filter

If you have an old or improperly installed water filter in the fridge, that's usually the main reason for a leak. If you get a repair done on the refrigerator and the screen doesn't sit correctly with your model, it will affect the connection with the water supply.

Pull the fridge out and check for the presence of water leaking from the holes in the filter. If you feel any water around the filter, the chances are that's your issue. Check to see that the filter seats correctly or call a professional for assistance.

#2 Damage to the Drain Pan

If you're lucky, it's only a crack in the drain pan of the fridge. You'll find the drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator.

If there's pooling around the base, then it's a sign of a crack in the drain pan. Cracks can occur for plenty of reasons, like bumping the fridge from the front, causing the pan to contact the rear wall.

Fortunately, its an easy fix. Replace the pan - or use a silicone sealant as a temporary solution on the crack to waterproof the pan again.

#3 A Faulty Defrost Drain

The defrost drain is another common reason for a leaky fridge. Ice or food particles might block the defrost drain in the refrigerator, affecting the appliance's defrosting cycle. A blockage stops water flowing into the pan, resulting in water build-up.

After enough accumulation, the water leak starts, flowing onto the base of the fridge. In most cases, you'll just need to clean your refrigerator to remove the blockage.

To resolve this issue, use a toothpick or wire hanger to clear the food or ice build-up from the defrost drain. Flush with hot water until you remove the blockage, clean up, and your fridge should work fine.

Call Professionals for Assistance

If you're still struggling with your leaky fridge after reviewing these fixes, contact a professional for help. A professional can assess your fridge and see if you have an electrical problem or issues with your plumbing that might be contributing to the problem.

It's dangerous to have your fridge leaking on the floor. Someone could enter the kitchen, slip, and end needing a visit to the emergency room. Call a professional and get the advice you need.

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